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Carbon footprint based green supplier selection under dynamic environment

Yu, Fang, Yang, Yongsheng, Chang, Daofang
Journal of cleaner production 2018 v.170 pp. 880-889
carbon dioxide, carbon footprint, greenhouse gas emissions, models, prices, profits and margins, supply chain, transportation
Green supplier selection plays a vital role in the green supply chain management. A carbon footprint based incentive green supplier selection model, which can urge the participants in the green supply chain to initiatively make greener decisions, is proposed in this research. Both economic attributes (price, quantity, and lead time) and environmental attributes (green factors and carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)) are considered during the selection. The green factors of the selected suppliers and the environmental investment are taken into account during the determinations of the green factors. The CO2 emissions from the transportation and production processes are considered. Moreover, three models are put forward to maximize the total profits, maximize the green factors, and minimize the CO2 emissions. Numerical calculations and comparisons are provided to verify the feasibility and superiority of the proposed models.