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Coat protein expression strategy of oat blue dwarf virus.

Edwards, Michael C., Weiland, John J.
Virology 2014 v.450-451 pp. 290-296
Oat blue dwarf virus, coat proteins, conserved sequences, gene expression, genes, models, mutants, open reading frames, post-translational modification, proteinases, protoplasts, translation (genetics), viruses
Oat blue dwarf virus(OBDV)is a member of the genus Marafivirus whose genome encodes a 227 kDa polyprotein(p227)ostensibly processed post-translationally into its functional components. Encoded near the30 terminus and coterminal with the p227 ORF are ORFs specifying major and minor capsid proteins(CP).Since the CP expression strategy of marafiviruses has not been thoroughly investigated, we produced a series of point mutants in the OBDV CP encoding gene and examined expression in protoplasts. Results support a model in which the 21 kDa major CP is the product of direct translation of a sgRNA, while the 24 kDa minor CP is a cleavage product derived from both the polyprotein and a larger ~26 kDa precursor translated directly from the sgRNA.Cleavage occurs at an LXG[G/A] motif conserved in many viruses that use papain-like proteases for polyprotein processing and protection against degradation via the ubiquitin-proteasome system.