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Production of High Fructose Syrup by Glucose Isomerase Immobilized on Phenol‐Formaldehyde Resin

Yokote, Y., Kimura, K., Samejima, H.
Die Stärke = 1975 v.27 no.9 pp. 302-306
adsorption, fructose, glucose, half life, immobilized enzymes, industrial applications, isomerization, magnesium, pH, strength (mechanics), syrups, temperature
An immobilized glucose isomerase which is active and stable in concentrated glucose solution has been developed. The enzyme has been immobilized to Duolite A7 resin simply by adsorption. Industrial application of this immobilized enzyme for the continuous production of high fructose syrup is quite promising because the immobilized enzyme having enough mechanical strength against the pressure of column flow, is active over broad ranges of both temperature and pH and is less dependent on Mg and Coions. Long‐run continuous experiments in column system have been carried out, isomerizing 45% of glucose with flow rate of SV 1 at 60°C. A gradual decrease of activity was observed after 25 d operation and the half‐life was calculated to be 36 d. One liter of the immobilized enzyme in column isomerized 288 kg of glucose in a month. The values of kinetic parameters of the immobilized enzyme in column operation varied with flow rates and approached to those of the native enzyme when they were assayed at the flow rate approaching to SV 0.