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3D brain tumor localization and parameter estimation using thermographic approach on GPU

Bousselham, Abdelmajid, Bouattane, Omar, Youssfi, Mohamed, Raihani, Abdelhadi
Journal of thermal biology 2018 v.71 pp. 52-61
algorithms, brain, brain neoplasms, equations, mathematical models, surface temperature, thermography
The aim of this paper is to present a GPU parallel algorithm for brain tumor detection to estimate its size and location from surface temperature distribution obtained by thermography. The normal brain tissue is modeled as a rectangular cube including spherical tumor. The temperature distribution is calculated using forward three dimensional Pennes bioheat transfer equation, it's solved using massively parallel Finite Difference Method (FDM) and implemented on Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). Genetic Algorithm (GA) was used to solve the inverse problem and estimate the tumor size and location by minimizing an objective function involving measured temperature on the surface to those obtained by numerical simulation. The parallel implementation of Finite Difference Method reduces significantly the time of bioheat transfer and greatly accelerates the inverse identification of brain tumor thermophysical and geometrical properties. Experimental results show significant gains in the computational speed on GPU and achieve a speedup of around 41 compared to the CPU. The analysis performance of the estimation based on tumor size inside brain tissue also presented.