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Antioxidative effect of BHA in soya bean lecithin‐based extender containing Glycerol or DMSO on freezing capacity of goat semen

Rahmatzadeh, M, Kohram, H, Zare Shahneh, A, Seifi‐Jamadi, A, Ahmad, E
Reproduction in domestic animals 2017 v.52 no.6 pp. 985-991
antioxidant activity, bucks, butylated hydroxyanisole, cryoprotectants, dimethyl sulfoxide, freeze-thaw cycles, freezing, glycerol, goats, semen, soybeans, sperm quality, thawing, viability
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of butylated hydroxyanisole (0 or 4 mM) along with different concentrations (5 or 7%) of glycerol (G) and dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) as cryoprotectant (CPAs) on freezability of goat semen. Semen was collected from four bucks (3–4 years) twice a week for five weeks. The pooled ejaculates were diluted with extender containing two different concentrations of G or DMSO in combination with BHA. Afterwards, the diluted samples were loaded into 0.25 ml straws and frozen using a standard protocol. After thawing motility parameters, viability, membrane integrity and total abnormality were assessed. The Results showed that the presence of BHA in extender, type and level of CPAs as main factors had significant effects on goat sperm viability, total and progressive motility after freezing–thawing processes (p < .05). Also, the interaction of BHA (0 and 4 mM) and levels of G or DMSO (5 or 7%) had a significant effects (p < .05) on total motility, viability and some characteristic. In this case, the addition of 5% G or DMSO with BHA resulted in highest motility and viability than the other groups (p < .05). The addition of G5 (with and without BHA) increased VSL and reduced abnormality than the other groups (p < .05). The results showed that the main effects of CPAs and CPAs level on membrane functionality were significant (p < .05). Also there were no significance differences in the interactive effects of MDA, VCL, VAP, ALH, LIN and STR among the groups (p > .05). Finally, it can be concluded that the use of 5% CPAs with or without BHA may result in better post‐thaw sperm quality of goat.