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Dominance square based array reconfiguration scheme for power loss reduction in solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) systems

Dhanalakshmi, B., Rajasekar, N.
Energy conversion and management 2018 v.156 pp. 84-102
energy conservation, income, solar collectors
Shade conditions in PV array invoke multiple power peaks in power-voltage characteristics and as a consequence, mismatch and power loss occur. To attenuate the shade effect, various researches worldwide have been actively engaged to dynamically reconfigure the PV array via different interconnection schemes. In this paper, a new puzzle based reconfiguration scheme is proposed and tested with 5 × 5 PV array. Following physical relocation scheme, the proposed dominance square method configures the PV modules of conventional Total Cross Tied (TCT) interconnection. Thus, row and column wise rearrangement helps to attain uniform row current difference with the method. To test the validity of the proposed scheme, seven shade patterns are critically evaluated. Response for every shade pattern is analyzed with the help of I-V, P-V characteristics and their corresponding losses are evaluated. Moreover, income generated and energy saving analysis for the method is also carried out.