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Pasting and gel characteristics of normal and waxy maize starch in glucose syrup solutions

Berski, Wiktor, Ziobro, Rafał
Journal of cereal science 2018 v.79 pp. 253-258
amylopectin, amylose, corn starch, gelatinization, gelling properties, gels, glucose, hardness, pasting properties, starch granules, syrups, temperature, texture, viscosity, waxy corn
Sugars are among the constituents which significantly affect the process of starch gelatinization and settle properties of the resulting gels. The information about the influence of sugar mixture like glucose syrup (GS) on starch pasting, as well as on properties and stability of the resulting gel is important for wide range of food applications. In order to determine role of amylose in observed phenomena the study involved normal (MS) and waxy maize (WS) starches. Starch suspensions were pasted in GS solutions, and the texture of resulting gels was also evaluated.In the presence of glucose syrups pastes and gels of MS and WS change their rheological properties. This involves an increase in pasting temperature and viscosity of the pastes, and modification of texture properties of stored gels. In the case of MS application of GS led to incremental decrease of gel hardness, while an opposite effect could be seen for weak WS gels. All these effects were highly dependent on starch type, and concentration of GS. It is assumed that the main factor for observed differences was amylose content. This difference clearly shows that amylose containing starch granules require more water for full gelatinization than their amylopectin counterparts.