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Physical hazards in dairy products: Incidence in a consumer complaint website in Brazil

Aguiar, Ricardo S., Esmerino, Erick A., Rocha, Ramon S., Pimentel, Tatiana C., Alvarenga, Verônica O., Freitas, Mônica Q., Silva, Marcia C., Sant'Ana, Anderson S., Silva, Adriana C.O., Cruz, Adriano G.
Food control 2018 v.86 pp. 66-70
Internet, UHT milk, cottage cheese, dried milk, insects, milk, plastics, public sector, yogurt, Brazil
The incidence of physical hazards in dairy products (2012–2016) was investigated through a complaint website (Reclame Aqui) used by Brazilian consumers to report complaints. Among the complaints, 2% referred to the presence of physical hazards in the products. With regard to milk and dairy products, 515 complaints were reported, with the greatest percentage for yogurt/milk drink (37%) followed by UHT milk (14.6%) and milk powder (10.7%). The least cited products were Prato Cheese, Brie-type cheese, and Cottage cheese (0.3–0.4%). The most reported hazards were the presence of foreign objects (42.4%), followed by insects (23.3%), hair (15.2%), plastics (11.1%), metal (6.2%) and fabric (1.8%). The results showed failures in both Brazilian dairy foods processing and the public-sector inspection, and demonstrated that the Internet has proven to be an effective tool for spreading consumer dissatisfaction.