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18. New Genera and Species of Ethiopian Tabanidæ, Subfamily Pangoniinæ (Diptera)

Austen, E. E.
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1937 v.B107 no.2 pp. 263-293
Apis dorsata, Chrysops, models, new genus, new species, provenance, wasps, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe
In the foregoing paper, two new genera and thirteen new species of Ethiopian Tabanidæ, subfamily Pangoniinæ, are described and figured: a list of these genera and species, showing the provenance of the type or typical series in each case, is appended. Bacloceras, gen. nov. turneri, sp. n. Natal. Sphecodemyia, gen. nov. lamborni, sp. n. Nyasaland Protectorate. secunda, sp. n. Hinea hiqvhris, sp. n. Rhodesia (Southern and Northern). bicolor, sp. n. Nyasaland Protectorate. Buplex albicinctus, sp. n. South Africa Cape Province). Phara tumidifacies, sp. n. (). nigripleuris, sp. n. (). bivirgulata, sp. n. Natal; Zululand. bracteata, sp. n. Nyasaland Protectorate; Southern Rhodesia. Silvius contrarius, sp. n. South Africa (Cape Province). pulchripennis, sp. n. Kenya Colony. Chrysops perpensa, sp. n. Nyasaland Protectorate. Both species of Sphecodemyia are remarkably wasp like in appearance; and, though unfortunately in neither case has it yet proved possible to identify the model, the strongly mimetic character of this new genus is as undeniable as the even more elaborate and astonishing resemblance between Melissomorpha indiana Ricardo, an Oriental Pangoniine discovered in Sikhim by the late Lt. Col. C. T. Bingham, and the worker of Apis dorsata Fabr.