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Infrared ion spectroscopy inside a mass‐selective cryogenic 2D linear ion trap

Cismesia, Adam P., Tesler, Larry F., Bell, Matthew R., Bailey, Laura S., Polfer, Nicolas C.
Journal of mass spectrometry 2017 v.52 no.11 pp. 720-727
ions, irradiation, mass spectrometry, photolysis, temperature
We demonstrate operation of the first cryogenic 2D linear ion trap (LIT) with mass‐selective capabilities. This trap presents a number of advantages for infrared ion “action” spectroscopy studies, particularly those employing the “tagging/messenger” spectroscopy approach. The high trapping efficiencies, trapping capacities, and low detection limits make 2D LITs a highly suitable choice for low‐concentration analytes from scarce biological samples. In our trap, ions can be cooled down to cryogenic temperatures to achieve higher‐resolution infrared spectra, and individual ions can be mass selected prior to irradiation for a background‐free photodissociation scheme. Conveniently, multiple tagged analyte ions can be mass isolated and efficiently irradiated in the same experiment, allowing their infrared spectra to be recorded in parallel. This multiplexed approach is critical in terms of increasing the duty cycle of infrared ion spectroscopy, which is currently a key weakness of the technique. The compact design of this instrument, coupled with powerful mass selection capabilities, set the stage for making cryogenic infrared ion spectroscopy viable as a bioanalytical tool in small molecule identification.