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Structural Diversity and Biological Activity of the Genus Pieris Terpenoids

Li, Chun-Huan, Yan, Xi-Tao, Zhang, An-Ling, Gao, Jin-Ming
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2017 v.65 no.46 pp. 9934-9949
agricultural land, antifeedants, antifeeding activity, cyclic AMP, diterpenoids, insecticidal properties, scientists, secondary metabolites, structure-activity relationships, toxicity
Secondary metabolites, particularly the grayanane diterpenoids produced by the members of genus Pieris, have been investigated in past decades for their remarkable antifeedant and insecticidal activities and toxicity. Grayanoids exhibit diverse biological properties such as antifeedant, insecticidal, cAMP regulatory, and sodium-channel-modulating activities. Structural complexity and diverse bioactivity of grayanoids have made them attractive targets for chemical, biological, and synthetic purposes. The current review synthesized findings published from 1966 to 2017, which include 135 reports that describe 130 terpenoids, including 103 grayanoids. The distribution, structure, skeleton, as well as the antifeedant and insecticidal activity of terpenoids, particularly the grayanane diterpenoids, are discussed in detail in this review. In cases where sufficient information is available, the structure–activity relationships of their antifeedant activity are also presented. We hope that this contribution will prompt more scientists to pay attention to these diterpenoids, which may be potentially applied in the agricultural field.