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Notes on powdery mildews (Erysiphales) in Thailand IV. Erysiphe species on Malvaceae, Menispermaceae, Moraceae, Nyctaginaceae, Polygonaceae, Solanaceae and Urticaceae

JamjanMeeboon, Susumu Takamatsu
Tropical plant pathology 2017 v.42 no.6 pp. 485-494
Antigonon leptopus, Boehmeria, Cyclea, Erysiphe, Ficus, Hibiscus, Mirabilis jalapa, Muehlenbeckia, Persicaria odorata, Physalis, Urena lobata, internal transcribed spacers, new combination, new species, powdery mildew, ribosomal DNA, Thailand
This report provides morphological descriptions of powdery mildews found on Malvaceae, Menispermaceae, Moraceae, Nyctaginaceae, Polygonaceae, Solanaceae and Urticaceae and five specimens are identified with ITS rDNA sequences. These include a new species on Boehmeria siamensis (Urticaceae); Pseudoidium schmiedeknechtii on Schoutenia glomerata, Hibiscus floccosus and Urena lobata; Erysiphe kydiae-calycinae on Kydia calycina; E. pseudolonicerae on Cyclea barbata; E. nyctaginacearum on Mirabilis jalapa; E. polygoni on Antigonon leptopus, Muehlenbeckia platyclada and Polygonum odoratum; Pseudoidium cf. neolycopersici on Physalis sp. and Erysiphe species on Ficus subincisa new for Thailand were described. Based on our finding, we make new taxonomic conclusions for E. nyctaginacearum, it is a new combination of Ps. nyctaginacearum found on M. jalapa and Ps. antigononis is a new synonym of E. polygoni found on A. leptopus.