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Grasping damage analysis of apple by end‐effector in harvesting robot

Ji, Wei, Qian, Zhijie, Xu, Bo, Tang, Wei, Li, Junle, Zhao, Dean
Journal of food process engineering 2017 v.40 no.6
apple peels, apples, cortex, deformation, finite element analysis, harvesting, mechanical damage, models
According to the grasping damage of apple during the process of robot picking apple, the variation of interior tensions inside the apple skin in the grasping process of apple with different type finger of robot end‐effector is researched. The finite element model for apple is established by ANSYS. Some simulations for the grasping process of apple with plane and arc‐shaped finger are carried out. The Von Mises stress nephograms of apple different tissue under different load force by different type fingers are obtained. The experimental results show that the apple cortex is more easily to get damaged due to its small failure stress. And the deformation and stress of apple caused by arc‐shaped finger are smaller than by plane finger. At last, the actual experiment for apple grasping damage of end‐effector with arc‐shaped finger validates the reliability of simulated results. The research results demonstrated that the finite element method can make accurate evaluation for apple damage. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS: A major problem associated with robot harvesting is the mechanical damage of apple caused by end‐effector of robot. When the apple is grasped by the end‐effector, the mechanical damage is often occurred underneath apple skin thus, which is difficult to find by the naked eye immediately. The results in our paper can accurate evaluation for apple damage and provide a foundational basis to develop an injury‐reduce device of apple harvesting robot.