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hybriddetective: A workflow and package to facilitate the detection of hybridization using genomic data in r

Wringe, Brendan F., Stanley, Ryan R. E., Jeffery, Nicholas W., Anderson, Eric C., Bradbury, Ian R.
Molecular ecology resources 2017 v.17 no.6 pp. e275
genomics, hybridization, hybrids, wildlife management
The ability to detect and characterize hybridization in nature has long been of interest to many fields of biology and often has direct implications for wildlife management and conservation. The capacity to identify the presence of hybridization, and quantify the numbers of individuals belonging to different hybrid classes, permits inference on the magnitude of, and timescale over which, hybridization has been or is occurring. Here, we present an r package and associated workflow developed for the detection, with estimates of efficiency and accuracy, of multigenerational hybrid individuals using genetic or genomic data in conjunction with the program newhybrids. This package includes functions for the identification and testing of diagnostic panels of markers, the simulation of multigenerational hybrids, and the quantification and visualization of the efficiency and accuracy with which hybrids can be detected. Overall, this package delivers a streamlined hybrid analysis platform, providing improvements in speed, ease of use and repeatability over current ad hoc approaches. The latest version of the package and associated documentation are available on GitHub (