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The gelation properties of tara gum blended with κ-carrageenan or xanthan

Wu, Yanbei, Ding, Wei, He, Qiang
Food hydrocolloids 2018 v.77 pp. 764-771
atomic force microscopy, chemical industry, gel strength, gelation, gels, hydrocolloids, ions, kappa carrageenan, melting, mixing, rheology, scanning electron microscopes, synergism, temperature, texture, value added, xanthan gum
The gelation properties and structure characteristics of tara gum blended with κ-carrageenan or xanthan were respectively investigated by texture analysis, dynamic rheology and morphological observation. Results indicated that tara gum, a non-gelling polysaccharide, could form thermo-reversible gels in the case of mixture of κ-carrageenan or xanthan, the melting and gelling points were elevated with increasing mixture concentration. There was a synergistic interaction in the two blend systems, which was directly observed by scanning electron microscope or atomic force microscope. The maximum gel strength occurred when blend ratio and blending temperature of the two blends (tara gum-κ-carrageenan, tara gum-xanthan) were 2:8, 80 °C; 4:6, 60 °C respectively. Besides, appropriate amount of salt ions could significantly enhance the gel strength of tara gum-κ-carrageenan blend gel, which could be weakened by excess salt ions. While salt ions had no obvious enhancing effect in the gelation of tara gum-xanthan blend system. The understanding of gelation properties and gelling mechanism is beneficial for the diversified and value-added application of tara gum in food and chemical industries.