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The influence of entrepreneurial, market, knowledge management orientations on cleaner production and the sustainable competitive advantage

de Guimarães, Julio Cesar Ferro, Severo, Eliana Andrea, de Vasconcelos, César Ricardo Maia
Journal of cleaner production 2018 v.174 pp. 1653-1663
economic sectors, energy, entrepreneurship, industry, market orientation, markets, pollutants, small and medium enterprises, structural equation modeling, surveys, sustainable development, trade, wastes, Brazil, Indiana
Enterprises from different economic sectors play a fundamental role in furthering a sustainable development in the region where it is inserted. However, it is the environmental practices of these organizations which determine the prompt impacts on environmental sustainability. In this sense, Cleaner Production is responsible for the decrease in natural and material resources’ consumption and energy, as well as for the systematic decrease in waste and pollutants emission. Thus, it is important to identify the strategical guides which came before Cleaner Production and, consequently, lead the enterprises to achieve a Sustainable Competitive Advantage before their competitors. In this context, this research aims at analysing the influence of strategic drivers (Entrepreneurial Orientation, Market Orientation and Knowledge Management Orientation) on Cleaner Production and the Sustainable Competitive Advantage. This research was about a survey applied to 1774 small and medium enterprises in Southern Brazil, in the sectors of transformation industry, commerce and services, and it was analysed by the Structural Equation Modelling, typifying it as a quantitative and descriptive research. The results show there is an intense previous influence of strategic drivers over Cleaner Production, pointing out that the correlations among the three antecedents have a high intensity, showing that the enterprises researched use the strategic drivers separately, and that, when they are combined, there is a higher chance of Cleaner Production success, with a significant increase in Sustainable Competitive Advantage for the small and medium enterprises.