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A co-designed, transdisciplinary adaptive management framework for artisanal fisheries of Pehuen Co and Monte Hermoso (Argentina)

Berninsone, Leonardo G., Newton, Alice, Icely, John
Ocean & coastal management 2018 v.152 pp. 37-47
adaptive management, artisanal fishing, biodiversity, cobalt, employment, fish, governance, habitats, income, laws and regulations, overfishing, risk, social welfare, sustainable development, traditional technology, Argentina
The artisanal fishers from the Pehuen Co and Monte Hermoso (Argentina) are aiming for sustainable use of the common pool resource of their socio-ecological system (SES). However, complex interactions between the artisanal fishers and other actors (the industrial fisheries, natural reserve managers, fish traders, conservationists and governance authorities) are putting the fishing activity at risk. An adaptive management plan has been developed to analyse this SES based on the results of combining the analysis-orientated Systems Approach Framework with the action- oriented multi-Driver-Pressure-System-Impact-Response framework. The overarching issue is the sustainability of the fishery, although there are a number of sub-issues affecting the fishing activities including: restricted access to the sea, damage to the seabed integrity, fishing legislation, distribution of the product, and conflict of conservation with fishing. The most important pressures are overfishing and bottom damage, resulting in habitat deterioration and depletion of the stock. The main impacts on human welfare are the loss of income, the loss of jobs and the loss of biodiversity. A transdisciplinary management plan has been formulated based on common responses to these impacts, such as the organisation of the fishers into local associations, and the creation of a fishing terminal through the synergy of the community with researchers and the governance authorities. The long-term objective is to promote community based management of the natural resources of Pehuen Co and Monte Hermoso.