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Food recalls and warnings due to the presence of foodborne pathogens—a focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and eggs

Paramithiotis, Spiros, Drosinos, Eleftherios H, Skandamis, Panagiotis N
Current opinion in food science 2017 v.18 pp. 71-75
Food and Drug Administration, dairy products, eggs, food industry, food recalls, monitoring, raw fruit, raw materials, staple foods, vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and eggs constitute staple foods throughout the globe. In addition, eggs and dairy products are important raw materials for the food industry. Therefore, recalls may significantly affect both the community and the financials of that sector. As archived by United States Food and Drug Administration, recalls of fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy products are announced every year while egg recalls take place every two years. Interestingly, a non-conformity between the cause of the recalls and the one of outbreaks linked to the consumption of these products has been diagnosed as a common trend exhibiting an insufficient monitoring capacity and on the other hand revealing room for significant improvement of their safety.