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Cluster Management to Improve Berry Quality in Young ‘Alborz’ Table Grape in the Intermountain West Region, USA

Fallahi, Esmaeil, Tehranifar, Ali, Gharaghani, Ali
International journal of fruit science 2017 v.17 no.4 pp. 349-357
Vitis vinifera, cutting, girdling, growing season, small fruits, table grapes, vines, Intermountain West region, United States
Cluster management in table grapes is an essential cultural practice for production of high quality table grapes. This issue has not been studied in the Intermountain West region in the United States. Thus, the objective of this project was to study the effects of cluster removal, cluster shortening, and vine girdling on yield and quality attributes of ‘Alborz’ table grape during 2012–14 growing seasons. Vines that did not receive cluster removal and cluster cutting (NoClRemNoClCut) tended to have a higher yield but smaller berry weight than those with other cluster managements every year. Vines receiving cluster removal, cluster shortening, and a trunk girdling (ClRemShort&Gird) regime tended to have larger berries and cluster weight than those with other treatments. However, girdled vines were more susceptible to cold damage. Vines receiving cluster removal and cluster shortening had slightly larger berries, better appearance, and marketability than those without cluster removal and without cluster shortening.