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Reproductive performance of beef cattle in northwestern queensland

Holroyd, R. G., Arthur, B. A., Mayer, B. G.
Australian veterinary journal 1979 v.55 no.5 pp. 257-262
beef cattle, body condition, calves, conception rate, cows, heifers, herds, lactation, pregnancy, rain, reproductive performance, wet season, Queensland
SUMMARY The reproductive performance of beef cattle in 5 herds mated all year round in north‐west Queensland was examined from 1970 to 1973. Conception rates, conception patterns and branding rates were used to assess annual reproductive performance. The level of loss between the times of confirmed pregnancy and branding was defined. The mean annual conception rate was 83.1% with individual property means ranging from 75.4 to 90.9%. Conception rates for heifers, first calf cows and mature cows were 83.9%, 80.6% and 84.7% respectively. Conception patterns were influenced by seasonal conditions, 68.1% of conceptions occurring in the wet season, between December and May. In this region, conception patterns were highly correlated with rainfall during the previous month. Losses between the times of confirmed pregnancy and branding ranged from 5.9 to 27.7%. Body condition of animals varied and was dependent upon lactation, seasonal and parity effects.