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Current Status of Herbal Drug Standards in the Indian Pharmacopoeia

Prakash, Jai, Srivastava, Sushma, Ray, R.S., Singh, Neha, Rajpali, Roshni, Singh, Gyanendra Nath
Phytotherapy research 2017 v.31 no.12 pp. 1817-1823
adverse effects, health promotion, herbal medicines, herbs, outreach, quality control, reference standards, stakeholders
The benefits of herbal drugs were well understood way back. They have been used for the promotion of health and medical purposes – in disease conditions. It is a conventional belief that herbal drugs have no side effects, are cheaper and locally available. Among Indian systems of medicines, herbs/herbal formulations are used to a larger extent. The quality control of the marketed herbs/herbal formulations is important for acquiring optimum therapeutic benefit as well as for expanding global outreach. Therefore, herbal drug standards are important. Reference standards, the Indian Pharmacopoeia Reference Substances especially the botanical reference substances and the phytochemical reference substances are required for comparison of quality of herbal drugs. The Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission has initiated the process of providing Indian Pharmacopoeia Reference Substances to the stakeholders. Therefore, this article provides an overview of the history and the status of herbal drug standards in the current and forthcoming issues of Indian Pharmacopoeia. In Indian Pharmacopeia, efforts have been made for the harmonization of standards with international counterparts wherever possible. Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.