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Do the complementarities of electrokinetic and chromatographic procedures represent the “Swiss knife” in proteomic investigation? An overview of the literature in the past decade

Di Venere, Monica, Viglio, Simona, Sassera, Davide, Fumagalli, Marco, Bardoni, Anna, Salvini, Roberta, Cagnone, Maddalena, Iadarola, Paolo
Electrophoresis 2017 v.38 no.12 pp. 1538-1550
chromatography, electrophoresis, proteome, proteomics
This report reviews the literature of the past decade dealing with the combination of electrokinetic and chromatographic strategies in the proteomic field. Aim of this article is to highlight how the application of complementary techniques may contribute to substantially improve protein identification. Several studies here considered demonstrate that exploring the combination of these approaches can be a strategy to enrich the extent of proteomic information achieved from a sample. The coupling of “top‐down” and “bottom‐up” proteomics may result in the generation of a hybrid analytical tool, very efficient not only for large‐scale profiling of complex proteomes but also for studying specific subproteomes. The range of applications described, while evidencing a continuous boost in the imagination of researchers for developing new combinations of methods for protein separation, also underlines the adaptability of these techniques to a wide variety of samples. This report points out the general usefulness of combining different procedures for proteomic analysis, an approach that allows researchers to go deeper in the proteome of samples under investigation.