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Polyphenolic profiles detected in the ripe berries of Vitis vinifera germplasm

Liang, Zhenchang, Owens, Christopher L., Zhong, Gan-Yuan, Cheng, Lailiang
Food chemistry 2011 v.129 no.3 pp. 940-950
Vitis vinifera, anthocyanins, coumaric acids, cultivars, flavanols, flavonols, germplasm, small fruits, table grapes, wine grapes, California
Polyphenolic profiles in the berry samples of 344 European grape (Vitis vinifera) cultivars were evaluated for two consecutive years. These cultivars represent a diverse collection of V. vinifera germplasm maintained at the USDA-Agricultural Research Service Vitis Clonal Repository in Davis of California, USA. A total of 36 polyphenolic compounds, including 16 anthocyanins, 6 flavonols, 6 flavanols, 6 hydroxycinnamic acids and 2 hydroxybenzoic acids, were identified via HPLC–MS and quantified by HPLC–DAD. The mean contents for anthocyanins, flavanols, flavonols, hydroxycinnamic acids and hydroxybenzoic acids were 0.946 (coloured cultivars), 0.147, 0.043, 0.195 and 0.016mgg⁻¹ FW, respectively. On average, wine grapes had higher concentrations than had table grapes for all of these compounds except hydroxycinnamic acids. Berry colours affected the total contents of anthocyanins, but not others. Positive correlations (0.151–0.535) were found among these groups of compounds. As expected, these groups of compounds were all negatively correlated with berry weight.