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Validation of the Accutrend Plus point‐of‐care triglyceride analyzer in horses, ponies, and donkeys

Pongratz, Michaela C., Junge, Hannah K., Riond, Barbara, Schwarzwald, Colin C.
Journal of veterinary emergency and critical care 2016 v.26 no.5 pp. 682-690
adults, asses, blood, horses, hospitals, hypertriglyceridemia, monitoring, point-of-care systems, prospective studies, triacylglycerols
OBJECTIVE: To assess the accuracy and reliability of a point‐of‐care (POC) triglyceride analyzer and to establish reference intervals for blood ([TRIG]POC/WB) and plasma triglyceride concentrations ([TRIG]POC/PL) in horses, ponies, and donkeys. DESIGN: Prospective study. SETTING: University teaching hospital. ANIMALS: 120 adult healthy equids (78 horses and ponies, 42 donkeys) and 79 equids suffering from hypertriglyceridemia (73 horses and ponies, 6 donkeys). INTERVENTIONS: None. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS: [TRIG]POC/WB and [TRIG]POC/PL were measured using a POC analyzer and plasma triglyceride concentrations were measured using a standard laboratory assay ([TRIG]LAB/PL). Reference intervals were determined. Test accuracy was assessed by Bland–Altman comparison of POC measurements with standard laboratory measurements and by evaluating linearity of dilutional series. Test reliability was assessed by repeated serial measurements. [TRIG]POC/WB and [TRIG]POC/PL were below the analytic range of the POC assay (<0.8 mmol/L [<70 mg/dL]) in healthy horses and ponies, whereas the reference intervals were 0.82–3.14 mmol/L (73–278 mg/dL) and 0.87–3.02 mmol/L (77–267 mg/dL), respectively, in donkeys. The POC analyzer systematically overestimated triglyceride concentrations when compared to a standard laboratory assay. The difference between [TRIG]POC/WB and [TRIG]POC/PL was small and clinically negligible. The coefficient of variation of repeated measures performed on the POC analyzer was below 10% for [TRIG]POC/WB and [TRIG]POC/PL, both in horses and donkeys and at all concentration ranges. CONCLUSIONS: The POC analyzer allows accurate and reliable measurement of [TRIG]POC/WB and [TRIG]POC/PL in horses, ponies, and donkeys in clinical settings. Assay‐specific reference intervals should be determined for diagnosis and clinical monitoring of hypertriglyceridemia in equids.