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Improving Hydrodynamic Modelling: an Analytical Framework for Assessment of Two‐Dimensional Hydrodynamic Models

Wright, K. A., Goodman, D. H., Som, N. A., Alvarez, J., Martin, A., Hardy, T. B.
River research and applications 2017 v.33 no.1 pp. 170-181
data collection, hydrologic models, model validation, uncertainty
Two‐dimensional hydrodynamic models are increasingly common in riverine research and management. However, input data are not standardized among studies, and assessments of model performance are uncommon, which hinder interpretation of model results and comparisons among studies. Herein, we describe a framework for two‐dimensional hydrodynamic model input data collection, model calibration and validation to evaluate model predictions. We present a logical process for the validation of depth and velocity that recognizes the inherent spatial uncertainty in the field measurements and modelling results. The hydrodynamic model we present as an example shows agreement between predicted and observed water surface elevation, area of inundation and spatial distributions of depth and velocity at calibration and independent validation discharges. If this model development and assessment framework was adopted by others, it would allow comparison between studies and provide a foundation for establishing model performance standards. Copyright © 2016 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.