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Comparative study on polyphenols content and antioxidant effect of plum cultivars from the island Skopelos, Greece

Papachatzis, A., Gougoulias, N., Kalorizou, H., Kalfountzos, D., Wogiatzi, E., Vyrlas, P., Manthos, I., Koutinas, N., Pateras, D.
Acta horticulturae 2017 no.1175 pp. 77-82
antioxidant activity, cultivars, gallic acid, plums, polyphenols, Greece
Four local ('Agen Skopelou', 'Agioritiko', 'Reglota-Loukoumaki' and 'Avgato') plum cultivars grown in Skopelos, Greece, have been studied to evaluate and compare their polyphenols content and antioxidant properties. It has been established that TP of the black and white cultivars move in broad ranges depending on the cultivar type and, to a lesser extent with the ecological conditions. The total phenols were expressed as gallic acid equivalent (GAE). The highest content of total phenol (TP) has been found in the black plums 'Agen Skopelou' with a value 6 mg (GAE) g-1 fresh weight, and the lowest in the white plums 'Avgato' with a value 2 mg (GAE) g-1 fresh weight. The antioxidant activity (FRAP) for the plum cultivars is varying from 2900 to 6100 ┬Ámol FRAP kg-1. Whereas FRAP value was highly correlated with total phenol content (r2=0.8407).