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Consumers’ beliefs and behavioural intentions towards organic food. Evidence from the Czech Republic

Zagata, Lukas
Appetite 2012 v.59 no.1 pp. 81-89
attitudes and opinions, consumer behavior, developing countries, food marketing, food purchasing, models, organic foods, taste, Czech Republic
Research has revealed that organic consumers share beliefs about positive health effects, environmentally friendly production and better taste of organic food. Yet, very little is known about the decisions of organic consumers in post-socialist countries with emerging organic food markets. In order to examine this area a representative data set (N=1054) from the Czech Republic was used. Target group of the study has become the Czech consumers that purchase organic food on regular basis. The consumers’ behaviour was conceptualised with the use of the theory of planned behaviour (ToPB). Firstly, the ToPB model was tested, and secondly, belief-based factors that influence the decisions and behaviour of consumers were explored. The theory proved able to predict and explain the behaviour of Czech organic consumers. The best predictors of the intention to purchase organic food are attitudes towards the behaviour and subjective norms. Decisive positions in consumers’ beliefs have product- and process-based qualities.