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Health career promotion in the new england area of new south wales: a program to support high school career advisers

Fraser, John, Alexander, Christian, Simpkins, Berniece, Temperley, John
The Australian journal of rural health 2003 v.11 no.4 pp. 199-204
career education, farms, health care workers, high schools, learning, rural areas, rural health, secondary education, students, surveys, New South Wales
Objective: To facilitate the area's high school careers advisers' ability to effectively promote health careers to students. Design: Three cross sectional evaluation surveys at the end of each one‐day workshop. Setting: Conference rooms in three regional centres (Armidale, Moree and Tamworth, New South Wales). Subjects: Twenty‐two high school careers advisers. Intervention: One‐day workshop. Main outcome measures: High school careers advisers' self‐rated assessment in terms of the effective delivery of appropriate information and opportunities to network. Results: Participants agreed that the workshop conveyed relevant information (3.8), were of high standard (3.5) and enabled them to identify students wanting to pursue health careers (2.9). Networking between health professionals and career advisers was rated as the most beneficial aspect by a majority of participants (60%). The scenario was rated as a useful tool to educate advisers about health careers (3.8). Conclusion: Collaborative workshops between advisers and health professionals are useful in facilitating networks to promote health careers in high schools in rural areas. The use of a farm injury scenario as a learning tool was effective in educating advisers about health careers.