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Distribution Patterns of Microirrigation Spinner and Spray Emitters

Boman, Brian J.
Applied engineering in agriculture 1989 v.5 no.1 pp. 50-56
agricultural engineering, microirrigation, models
Several microirrigation spinner and spray emitters were evaluated to determine their distribution patterns and the relationship between their operating pressure and the resulting discharge flow rate. Eleven types of spray emitters were evaluated along with five spinner types. Emitter flow rate, pattern distribution and uniformity were measured for each type of emitter at pressures of 103, 138, and 172 kPa (15, 20, and 25 psi). The spinner types of emitters had higher uniformity of water application than spray types under the no-wind conditions. Most spray emitters had 50 to 75% of the wetted area receiving insignificant water applications while 10 to 15% of the wetted area received more than three times the average application. Spinner emitters, however, had 30 to 80% of the wetted area receiving applications in the range of 50 to 150% of the average. None of the spinner models had areas of application greater than four times the mean application depth of the emitter.