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Total microbial biomass and metabolic state of microorganisms in a typical chernozem of Moldova

Frunze, N. I.
Eurasian soil science 2013 v.46 no.4 pp. 413-416
alfalfa, arable soils, carbon, crop rotation, ecosystems, microbial activity, microbial biomass, microbial communities, microorganisms, nutrients, shelterbelts, Moldova
New data on the total microbial biomass and its metabolic state in a typical chernozem of Moldova were obtained. The carbon content of the microbial biomass in the arable chernozems varied from 419 to 1033 μg/g soil and from 1002 to 1432 μg C/g soil under the shelterbelts. The contents of the microbial biomass under the shelter belts was by 2.1–2.9, 1.6–2.2, and 1.2–1.3 times higher than that in the unfertilized and fertilized with mineral and organic nutrients chernozems, respectively. Crop rotations with and without lucerne were examined. The functional activity of the microbial communities in the chernozem was determined by their metabolic diversity, the ability to use alternative metabolic reactions, and the domination of r-strategists. The content of the active part of the microbial community in the natural ecosystems constituted approximately 1/3 (29.1% on the average) of the total microbial community; in the arable soils, it as lower (9.8–21.8%).