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Allelic variation at the gliadin coding loci of improved Ethiopian durum wheat varieties

Hailegiorgis, Daniel, Lee, ChongAe, Yun, SongJoong
Journal of crop science and biotechnology 2017 v.20 no.4 pp. 287-293
alleles, durum wheat, gel electrophoresis, genetic distance, genetic variation, gliadin, loci, polypeptides, statistical analysis
The objective of this study was to determine gliadin allele compositions of 20 improved Ethiopian durum wheat varieties using acid-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (A-PAGE). Each block of co-dominantly inherited polypeptides encoded by gliadin loci were identified and their genetic diversities were estimated using statistical analyses. A total of 30 electrophoretic blocks were identified at five major gliadin loci. In addition, four novel gliadin blocks were identified. Gli-B1 and Gli-A2 loci had higher numbers of gliadin alleles (nine and ten, respectively) compared to other loci. Alleles Gli-A1c on chromosome 1A, Gli-B1c on chromosome 1B, Gli-A2a, and Gli-A2o on chromosome 6A, and Gli-B2h on chromosome 6B had maximal frequencies in their corresponding loci. Varieties were classified into three main clusters and one singleton based on genetic distances of detected gliadin alleles. These results indicate that Ethiopian durum wheat varieties are genetically diverse with unique allele compositions at gliadin-coding loci.