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Effect of almond roasting, light exposure and addition of different garlic cultivars on almond oil stability

Rabadán, Adrián, Pardo, JoséE., Gómez, Ricardo, Álvarez-Ortí, Manuel
European food research & technology 2018 v.244 no.2 pp. 219-224
almond oil, almonds, cloves, cultivars, food research, garlic, oxidation, protected designation of origin, roasting
The oxidation of commercial oils is currently a major concern for producers and consumers. In this study, we evaluate the influence on almond oil stability of previous almond roasting, light exposure and the addition of four different garlic cultivars by two different addition methods. Results show that previous almond roasting and oil storage in darkness conditions reduce significantly the oxidation of almond oil over time. The direct addition of garlic shows slight reductions on oils stability. However, differences appear depending on the garlic cultivar and the way of garlic addition. The addition of the whole clove causes lower reductions on oil stability than the addition of crushed garlic, but only on roasted oils. Within the considered garlic cultivars, the “Purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras” (European Protected Geographical Indication) shows higher protection to oxidation, especially if the whole garlic clove was added to oil from roasted almonds.