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On the consideration of scaling properties of extreme rainfall in Madrid (Spain) for developing a generalized intensity-duration-frequency equation and assessing probable maximum precipitation estimates

Casas-Castillo, M.Carmen, Rodríguez-Solà, Raúl, Navarro, Xavier, Russo, Beniamino, Lastra, Antonio, González, Paula, Redaño, Angel
Theoretical and applied climatology 2018 v.131 no.1-2 pp. 573-580
equations, rain, rain intensity, statistical analysis, Iberian Peninsula, Spain
The fractal behavior of extreme rainfall intensities registered between 1940 and 2012 by the Retiro Observatory of Madrid (Spain) has been examined, and a simple scaling regime ranging from 25 min to 3 days of duration has been identified. Thus, an intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) master equation of the location has been constructed in terms of the simple scaling formulation. The scaling behavior of probable maximum precipitation (PMP) for durations between 5 min and 24 h has also been verified. For the statistical estimation of the PMP, an envelope curve of the frequency factor (k ₘ) based on a total of 10,194 station-years of annual maximum rainfall from 258 stations in Spain has been developed. This curve could be useful to estimate suitable values of PMP at any point of the Iberian Peninsula from basic statistical parameters (mean and standard deviation) of its rainfall series. Graphical abstract ᅟ