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A Comparative Study of Batch and Continuous Bulk Liquid Membranes in the Removal and Recovery of Cu(II) Ions from Wastewater

Chang, SiuHua
Water, air, and soil pollution 2018 v.229 no.1 pp. 22
Reynolds number, aqueous solutions, copper, ions, liquid membranes, mixing, temperature, viscosity, wastewater, wastewater treatment
The aim of this work was to compare the performance between a batch bulk liquid membrane (BBLM) and a continuous bulk liquid membrane (CBLM) in the removal and recovery of Cu(II) ions from wastewater. Effects of operating parameters affecting the resistance of Cu(II) ion transfer such as stirring speeds of phases in BBLM, flow rates of phases through CBLM and operating temperature of both BBLM and CBLM on the removal and recovery of Cu(II) ions from aqueous solutions were explored. The variations in Reynolds number and thickness of boundary layer of all phases with stirring speed in BBLM and with flow rate in CBLM, as well as changes in the viscosity of membrane phase with temperature in both BBLM and CBLM were also investigated. A comparison of performance between BBLM and CBLM in the treatment of real industrial wastewater was also conducted and evaluated. It was found that BBLM achieved higher extraction (removal) and stripping (recovery) of Cu(II) ions of up to 16% than CBLM over the range of experimental conditions studied. Both BBLM and CBLM were found to remove and recover Cu(II) ions effectively from real industrial wastewater.