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Thermal Pretreatment of Harvest Residues and Their Use in Anaerobic Co-digestion with Dairy Cow Manure

Kovačić, Đurđica, Kralik, Davor, Jovičić, Daria, Rupčić, Slavko, Popović, Brigita, Tišma, Marina
Applied biochemistry and biotechnology 2018 v.184 no.2 pp. 471-483
Helianthus annuus, anaerobic digestion, biogas, chemical oxygen demand, corn stover, dairy manure, methane production, soybeans, straw, temperature
Several batch experiments were conducted on the anaerobic co-digestion of dairy cow manure (DCM) with three harvest residues (HR) (soybean straw, sunflower stalks, and corn stover). The influence of thermal pretreatment of HR on biogas production was investigated, where the HR were thermally pretreated at two different temperatures: T = 121 °C and T = 175 °C, during t = 30 and t = 90 min, respectively. All anaerobic co-digestion batch experiments were performed simultaneously under thermophilic regime, at T = 55 °C. Biogas and methane yields were significantly improved in experiments performed with corn stover thermally pretreated at 175 °C for 30 min (491.37 cm³/g VS and 306.96 cm³/g VS, respectively), if compared to experiments performed with untreated corn stover. The highest VS and COD removal rates were also observed in the same group of experiments and were 34.5 and 50.1%, respectively. The highest biogas and methane yields with soybean straw (418.93 cm³/g VS and 261.44 cm³/g VS, respectively) were obtained when soybean straw pretreated at 121 °C during 90 min. The highest biogas and methane yields with sunflower stalk (393.28 cm³/g VS and 245.02 cm³/g VS, respectively) were obtained when sunflower stalk was pretreated at 121 °C during 90 min.