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Achieved improvement and remaining needs for action in integrated floodrisk management in Austria – FloodRisk_E(valuation)

Habersack, Helmut, Bürgel, Jochen, Kanonier, Arthur, Neuhold, Clemens, Stiefelmeyer, Heinz, Schober, Bernhard
Österreichische Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft 2018 v.70 no.1-2 pp. 20-28
European Union, citizen participation, ecology, floods, geomorphology, meteorology, planning, risk management process, Austria
FloodRisk_E(valuation) analyses the achieved improvements and remaining needs for action in integrated floodrisk management in Austria and evaluates the implementations of suggestions based in FloodRisk I and II regarding the EU Floods Directive. On the one hand there is a discussion of improvements of the existing situation compared to the catastrophic flood of the reference year 2002. On the other hand the need for action is described. The analysis was based on guiding questions. The evaluation used a 5-stage evaluation scale. It was shown clearly, that in all eight thematic areas meteorology and hydrology, geomorphology, flood risk management, ecology, catastrophe management, economy, public participation and awareness raising, law and spatial planning significant progress could be reached and that the institutional cooperation has been improved within common integrated projects. At the same time the need for future investigations and need for action demand is given, for which an implementation strategy was developed. This implementation strategy consists on the one hand of a list of concrete measures, which can be realised immediately within the flood risk management plan. On the other hand, parallel or additional scientifically based clarifications are necessary.