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Organoleptic and shelf stability analysis of legume based gluten free snacks: its biochemical and immunochemical validation

Vasundhra,, Kumar, S.Bharath, Vijaykrishnaraj, M., Prabhasankar, P.
Journal of food measurement & characterization 2018 v.12 no.1 pp. 94-104
antibodies, calcium, cowpeas, diet, free fatty acids, fried foods, gliadin, gluten, gluten-free foods, immunochemistry, iron, lipid content, mineral content, nutritive value, protein content, proximate composition, sensory evaluation, sensory properties, snacks, starch, viscosity, wheat, wheat flour
Deep-fried Gluten free snacks were prepared using the composition of legumes flours with commercially available starches and evaluated for their proximate composition, nutritional quality and sensory properties. The maximum reduction in peak viscosity (414 BU) of blends was observed compared to refined wheat flour (860 BU). Proximal analysis indicated, protein content was improved from 6% (wheat snack) to 17% (red cowpea based snack) and also increased in mineral content such as iron and calcium. Difference in the iron content with highest in white cowpea based snack (FSW) (9.2 mg%), whereas calcium content was highest in red cowpea based snack (FSR) (65.5 mg%). On the basis of storage studies, there was a significant reduction in the crispiness indicated by instrumental and sensory analysis. The highest PV obtained for FSW and FSR was recorded to be 1.2 and 1.48 respectively at 30 days. Free fatty acid increased in all the three i.e. field bean based snack (FSF), FSW, FSR from 0.13, 0.12 and 0.13 to the highest of 0.35, 0.5 and 0.48 respectively at 0–60 days. Fat content in FSF, FSW and FSR decreased from 10.35 to 8.9%; 13.6–8.9% and 14.5–7.8%. Gluten free confirmation was carried out in the developed snacks by immunochemically. Immunochemical validation showed that, the extracted proteins were not reacted to wheat gliadin antibodies. Hence, the developed legume flours based gluten free snacks can be included in the diet of non-allergic to gluten sensitive population.