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The effect of explant cut and cytokinin type on micropropagation of fig (Ficus carica L.) 'Brown Turkey'

Volo, P., Preece, J. E., Caruso, T.
Acta horticulturae 2017 no.1173 pp. 227-230
Ficus carica, ascorbic acid, benzyladenine, cultivars, cytokinins, explants, exudation, figs, kinetin, leaves, microbial contamination, microorganisms, micropropagation, shoots, tap water, washing
This study was conducted to micropropagate 'Brown Turkey' fig, one of the most popular cultivars in California, USA for fresh and dried uses. Nodal segments cut lengthwise or not were cultured on Woody Plant Medium containing 0.3, 1.0 or 3.0 µM of N6 benzyladenine (BA) or kinetin in a 3 (concentrations) × 2 (cytokinins) × 2 (explant types) factorial experiment. 60% of explants became contaminated with various microbes when the standard protocol of washing shoots for 3 h under running tap water. Microbial contamination was nearly eliminated when the running water rinse and the use of an ascorbic acid dip were eliminated. Phenolic exudation was not a problem. Shoots grew longer with more leaves when the medium was supplemented with 0.3 µM kinetin that with BA or lower concentration of kinetin. Shoots also rooted at a 47% rate when 3.0 µM kinetin was in the medium. More shoot growth was occurred on explants where the stem was cut in half lengthwise than those not receiving this cut.