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Mechanical properties of diamond nanothread reinforced polymer composites

Zhang, L.W., Ji, W.M., Liew, K.M.
Carbon 2018 v.132 pp. 232-240
carbon, carbon nanotubes, deformation, modulus of elasticity, molecular dynamics, nanocomposites, polymethylmethacrylate, shear strength
One-dimensional diamond nanothread (DNT) has drawn intensive research interests and become a promising candidate for nanocomposites reinforcement. This paper explores the mechanical properties of DNT reinforced poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) composite under tensile deformation via molecular dynamics simulation. The study shows that the Young's modulus and yielding stress of PMMA composite are enhanced by 85% and 15% with the incorporation of DNT. Remarkably, DNT which is a hydrogenated carbon nanotube (CNT) is proved to strengthen PMMA composite more effectively than CNT for a similar structure. The outstanding strengthening of DNT is attributed to interfacial interaction and mechanical interlocking between DNT and PMMA matrix. A pull-out simulation is conducted to examine the interfacial shear strength of DNT-PMMA interface and comparison studies are made with that of CNT-PMMA interface. The results reveal that DNT has higher load transference within PMMA composite than CNT, by presenting 34% above CNT in interfacial shear strength. It is also demonstrated that DNT morphology can significantly affect the interfacial interaction and mechanical interlocking with PMMA matrix, leading to distinguished reinforcement efficiency for PMMA composite. These findings will shed light to DNT application in nanocomposites and provide an important insight into reinforcing mechanism.