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Efficacy of a mephentermine‐based product as a vasopressor and a cardiac performance enhancer when given intramuscularly to cattle

Cunha, D. N. Q., del Rio, C. L., Youngblood, B. L., Ferris, E. L., Geist, G. E., Ueyama, Y., Franz, L. C., Mathur, S., Hamlin, R. L.
Journal of veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics 2018 v.41 no.2 pp. 274-280
Holstein, blood pressure, cardiac output, cattle, cross-over studies, hypotension, intramuscular injection, isoflurane, monitoring, placebos
The goal of this study was to confirm the vasopressor and cardiac effects of POTENAY® INJETÁVEL (POT), a mephentermine‐based product, given to cattle with induced vascular/cardiac depression. Ten healthy Holstein cattle (206 ± 13 kg) followed a randomized‐complete‐block design (RCBD) utilizing crossover study design. Each animal randomly received (1 ml/25 kg, IM) of either POT (n = 10) or volume‐matched placebo control (0.9%NaCl, CP, n = 10). A subset of animals (n = 5) received POT first (day 0) while the remaining (n = 5) received CP; after a six‐day washout period, cattle received the opposite compound. Animals were anesthetized and catheterized for systemic/left ventricular hemodynamic monitoring. Myocardial dysfunction/hypotension was induced by increasing the end‐tidal isoflurane concentration until arterial blood pressure was 20% lower than at baseline and remained stable. Once the animal was determined to be hypotensive and hemodynamically stable, steady‐state hypotensive baseline data (BL2) were acquired, and treatment with either POT or CP was given. Data were acquired post‐treatment at every 15 min for 90 min. POT improved cardiac output (+68 L/min, ±14%, p < 0.05), MAP (+14 mmHg, ±4%, p < 0.05), HR (+22 bpm, ±8%, p < 0.05), and peak rates of ventricular pressure change during both systole (dP/dtₘₐₓ: +37 mmHg/s ±13%, p < 0.05) and diastole (dP/dtₘᵢₙ: +31 mmHg/s, ±7%, p < 0.05). No improvements were noted following placebo‐control administration. Results indicate that POT improves cardiac performance and systemic hemodynamics in cattle with induced cardiovascular depression when given as single intramuscular injection.