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Recent insights into cotton functional genomics: progress and future perspectives

Ashraf, Javaria, Zuo, Dongyun, Wang, Qiaolian, Malik, Waqas, Zhang, Youping, Abid, Muhammad Ali, Cheng, Hailiang, Yang, Qiuhong, Song, Guoli
Plant biotechnology journal 2018 v.16 no.3 pp. 699-713
Gossypium hirsutum, breeding programs, fiber quality, genes, genetic improvement, genomics, genotype, lint cotton
Functional genomics has transformed from futuristic concept to well‐established scientific discipline during the last decade. Cotton functional genomics promise to enhance the understanding of fundamental plant biology to systematically exploit genetic resources for the improvement of cotton fibre quality and yield, as well as utilization of genetic information for germplasm improvement. However, determining the cotton gene functions is a much more challenging task, which has not progressed at a rapid pace. This article presents a comprehensive overview of the recent tools and resources available with the major advances in cotton functional genomics to develop elite cotton genotypes. This effort ultimately helps to filter a subset of genes that can be used to assemble a final list of candidate genes that could be employed in future novel cotton breeding programme. We argue that next stage of cotton functional genomics requires the draft genomes refinement, re‐sequencing broad diversity panels with the development of high‐throughput functional genomics tools and integrating multidisciplinary approaches in upcoming cotton improvement programmes.