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Photosynthetic and Canopy Characteristics of Different Varieties at the Early Elongation Stage and Their Relationships with the Cane Yield in Sugarcane

Jun Luo, Yong-Bao Pan, Liping Xu, Yuye Zhang, Hua Zhang, Rukai Chen, Youxiong Que
The scientific world journal 2014 v.2014 no. pp. 1-9
Saccharum officinarum, canopy, crop yield, developmental stages, leaf angle, leaf area index, leaves, light intensity, photosynthesis, plant architecture, screening, stomatal conductance, sugarcane, variance, varieties
During sugarcane growth, the early elongation stage is critical to cane yield formation. In order to investigate the effects of photosynthetic and canopy characteristics on cane yield, parameters of 17 sugarcane varieties were determined at the early elongation stage using CI-301 photosynthesis measuring system and CI-100 digital plant canopy imager. The data analysis showed that there were highly significant differences in leaf area index (LAI), mean foliage inclination angle (MFIA), transmission coefficient for diffused light penetration (TD), transmission coefficient for solar beam radiation penetration (TR), leaf distribution (LD), net photosynthetic rate (PN), transpiration rate (E) and stomatal conductance (GS) among sugarcane varieties at the early elongation stage. Based on the photosynthetic or canopy parameters, the 17 sugarcane varieties were classified into four categories. Through the factor analysis, nine parameters were represented by three principal factors, of which the cumulative rate of variance contributions reached 84.73%. A regression for sugarcane yield, with relative error of yield fitting less than 0.05, was successfully established as follow: sugarcane yield = 27.19 - 1.69 × PN + 0.17 × E + 90.43 × LAI - 408.81 × LD + 0.0015 × NSH + 101.38 × D (R2=0.928**). This study helps provide a theoretical basis and technical guidance for the screening of new sugarcane varieties with high net photosynthetic rate and ideal canopy structure.