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Micelle-mediated transport disturbance providing extracellular strategy for alleviating n-butanol stress on Escherichia coli

Tan, Lin-Rui, Xia, Peng-Fei, Li, Qian, Yuan, Xian-Zheng, Wang, Shu-Guang
Bioprocess and biosystems engineering 2018 v.41 no.3 pp. 443-447
Escherichia coli, anionic surfactants, biofuels, butanol, factories, fuel production, micelles, sodium dodecyl sulfate, solvents, toxicity
One barrier inhibiting further progress in biofuel production is the toxicity of biofuels towards their producers. It is promising to apply gene-based intracellular techniques to engineer better strains with higher organic solvent tolerance. These methods are, however, complex. In the present study, we developed a simple, manageable, and commercial extracellular prototypal strategy to alleviate n-butanol (n-BuOH) stress on Escherichia coli via a micelle-mediated transport disturbance. When the concentration of sodium dodecyl sulfate, a typical anionic surfactant, is high enough to form micelles, n-BuOH will be trapped into/onto the micelles, and the negative charge prevents the n-BuOH from approaching the cells. Our study provides an extracellular strategy to relieve the stress from n-BuOH, and it also exhibits a new angle to advance microbial factories through extracellular routines.