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Hydraulic diffusivity in a coastal aquifer: spectral analysis of groundwater level in responses to marine system

Shih, DavidChing-Fang
Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment 2018 v.32 no.2 pp. 311-320
aquifers, diffusivity, groundwater, spectral analysis, water table
The hydraulic diffusivity gives a measure of diffusion speed of pressure disturbances in groundwater system; large values of hydraulic diffusivity lead to fast propagation of signals in aquifer. This research provides a novel design and derives spectral representation to determine hydraulic diffusivity using spectral analysis of groundwater levels coupled with time-dependent boundary adjacent to marine system and no flow boundary in aquifer system. To validate the proposed method, water levels of fluctuated boundary and groundwater well in a sandy confined aquifer were collected. The hydraulic diffusivity is then obtained by an inverse process in the non-linear complex form of spectral relationship. The method essentially is constructed on the conceptual design of natural forcing transmitted in large aquifer. It is unlike the conventional field pumping test which is only used to determine hydraulic properties of groundwater in small range around the well. Hydraulic diffusivity of the confined aquifer is determined using real observation and then checked by comparing to the published range. It suggests that without local aquifer test to estimate hydraulic diffusivity in a coastal aquifer using spectral representation with its relevant flow system and boundary has become feasible.