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Identification of QTLs for resistance to Fusarium wilt and Ascochyta blight in a recombinant inbred population of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Garg, Tosh, Mallikarjuna, B.P., Thudi, Mahendar, Samineni, Srinivasan, Singh, Sarvjeet, Sandhu, J.S., Kaur, Livinder, Singh, Inderjit, Sirari, Asmita, Basandrai, AshwaniK., Basandrai, Daisy, Varshney, RajeevK., Gaur, PooranM.
Euphytica 2018 v.214 no.3 pp. 45
Ascochyta rabiei, Cicer arietinum, Fusarium oxysporum, Fusarium wilt, backcrossing, biotic stress, blight, chickpeas, cultivars, genomics, inbred lines, loci, mature plants, microsatellite repeats, phenotypic variation, plant breeding, quantitative trait loci, seedlings, single nucleotide polymorphism
Fusarium wilt (FW; caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris) and Ascochyta blight (AB; caused by Ascochyta rabiei) are two major biotic stresses that cause significant yield losses in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). In order to identify the genomic regions responsible for resistance to FW and AB, 188 recombinant inbred lines derived from a cross JG 62 × ICCV 05530 were phenotyped for reaction to FW and AB under both controlled environment and field conditions. Significant variation in response to FW and AB was detected at all the locations. A genetic map comprising of 111 markers including 84 simple sequence repeats and 27 single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) loci spanning 261.60 cM was constructed. Five quantitative trait loci (QTLs) were detected for resistance to FW with phenotypic variance explained from 6.63 to 31.55%. Of the five QTLs, three QTLs including a major QTL on CaLG02 and a minor QTL each on CaLG04 and CaLG06 were identified for resistance to race 1 of FW. For race 3, a major QTL each on CaLG02 and CaLG04 were identified. In the case of AB, one QTL for seedling resistance (SR) against ‘Hisar race’ and a minor QTL each for SR and adult plant resistance against isolate 8 of race 6 (3968) were identified. The QTLs and linked markers identified in this study can be utilized for enhancing the FW and AB resistance in elite cultivars using marker-assisted backcrossing.