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Enhanced thermal conductivity of diamond/aluminum composites through tuning diamond particle dispersion

Tan, Zhanqiu, Xiong, Ding-Bang, Fan, Genlian, Chen, Zhizhong, Guo, Qiang, Guo, Cuiping, Ji, Gang, Li, Zhiqiang, Zhang, Di
Journal of materials science 2018 v.53 no.9 pp. 6602-6612
aluminum, carbon, composite materials, metallurgy, particle size, powders, thermal conductivity
Diamond/aluminum (Dia/Al) composites were fabricated by powder metallurgy using starting Al powders of different size. Effect of matrix-to-reinforcement particle size ratio (PSR) on diamond particle dispersion was revealed, and higher thermal conductivity of Dia/Al composites with a certain volume fraction was achieved by changing PSR. The results indicated that, with PSR increasing from 0.225 to 0.9, diamond particles tended to show a connecting dispersion and the thermal conductivity of 40 and 50 vol.% Dia/Al composites increased by 21% (from 389 to 472 W/mK) and by 42% (from 442 to 628 W/mK), respectively. The underlying cause was discussed from the point of the coordination number of Al powders around diamond particles. This study supplies a new idea to improve thermal conductivity of Dia/Al composites by tuning particle dispersion for the first time, which is also applicable to other metal matrix composites.