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Regularities in the Space and Time Flow Variations in the Near-Mouth Reach and Delta of the Lena R.

Magritsky, D.V., Aibulatov, D.N., Gorelkin, A.V.
Water resources 2018 v.45 no.1 pp. 12-26
basins, climatic factors, coasts, floods, heat, rivers, seasonal variation, sediments, spring, suspended sediment
Lena flow showed considerable, mostly climate-induced, changes in the recent 30–40 years. The character of these changes at the river watershed–sea border somewhat differs from that in the basin outlet station because of flow transformations in the near-mouth reach and, especially, in the delta. The new stationary and occasional expedition observations were used to improve the estimates of the major characteristics of the discharges of water, suspended sediment, and heat in the Lena outlet section and to identify the features and causes of their long-term and seasonal variations. Another important result is the estimation of flow characteristic in the reach downstream of the basin outlet station, at delta head, and on its coastline. New data are given on the present-day distribution of water and suspended sediment discharges between the major delta branches, their long-term variations, and the character of inundation of the near-head delta area during spring floods.