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The effect of animal grazing on vegetation and soil and element cycling in nature

Głowacz, Krzysztof, Niżnikowski, Roman
Environmental science and pollution research international 2018 v.25 no.4 pp. 3565-3570
animal health, blood plasma, forage, grazing, growth and development, human health, potassium, reproduction, sheep, soil, vegetation
Appropriate level of bio-components in blood plasma of animals is associated with their concentration in soil and in green fodder. Cycling of elements in nature and their adequate level in animal organisms result in proper functioning of an organism as a whole (Khan et al. 68:279–284, 2007). Therefore, it is important to analyse soil and green fodder for these components. If some deficits are found, it is important to supplement components responsible for e.g. proper growth and development of a young organism, proper reproduction and, consequently, good quality of obtained product, which may affect human health (Minzanova et al. 134:524–533, 2015). The aim of the presented study was to demonstrate the effect of extensive grazing by sheep on vegetation and soil and to analyse the cycling of some elements important for animal health. The effects of vegetation season on the concentration of potassium in soil and differences in the concentration of some elements in soil, green fodder and animal blood were demonstrated.