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Elkton: A new potato variety with resistance to internal heat necrosis and suitable for chipping directly from the field in the southern United States

K. G. Haynes, D. M. Gergela, X. S. Qu, M. W. Peck, G. C. Yencho, M. E. Clough, M. R. Henninger, D. E. Halseth, G. A. Porter, P. C. Ocaya, L. Zotarelli, S. R. Menasha, B. J. Christ, L. Wanner, C. M. Hutchinson
American journal of potato research 2014 v.91 no.3 pp. 269-276
Phytophthora infestans, Potato virus S, Potato virus Y, Solanum tuberosum, Spongospora subterranea, Verticillium wilt, agronomic traits, baking, blight, color, crop yield, cultivars, disease resistance, food processing quality, heat, necrosis, new variety, plant variety protection, potato chips, potatoes, specific gravity, texture, tubers, varietal resistance, Southeastern United States
Elkton is a medium to medium-late maturing potato variety with tan netted-skin, round-oval tubers, and white-flesh. Average marketable yields ranged from 76 % to 113 % of Atlantic and average specific gravities ranged from −0.002 to −0.006 less than Atlantic depending on location. Chip color processed directly from the field in southern locations or from storage in the northern locations is equivalent to Atlantic. Elkton is resistant to internal heat necrosis and hollow heart. Color and texture ratings of Elkton following baking, boiling and microwaving have been similar to Atlantic. Elkton is moderately resistant to early blight and Verticillium wilt; moderately susceptible to foliar late blight and susceptible to tuber late blight; moderately susceptible to powdery scab; and, susceptible to potato virus Y and potato virus S. Its reaction to common scab has been inconsistent. Plant Variety Protection has been requested for Elkton.