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New Spectrophotometric System to Segregate Tissues in Mandarin Fruit

Traffano-Schiffo, MariaVictoria, Castro-Giraldez, Marta, Colom, RicardoJ., Fito, PedroJ.
Food and bioprocess technology 2018 v.11 no.2 pp. 399-406
dielectric properties, equipment, pH, process control, seeds, tissues, water content
The knowledge of the electrical properties of the fruit tissues and their relation with the structural and compositional properties opens an endless number of opportunities in the development and design of industrial equipment for quality and process control. Nowadays, one of the main industrial issues is the detection of seeds inside the fruit, which could be possible with an electrical study of each tissue as a first step of the development of non-destructive sensors. In this context, a deep study of the dielectric properties of mandarin fruit tissues, coupled with a w, X w, pH, maturity index, cryo-SEM, and optical measurements, was performed. Dielectric properties were studied in radiofrequency and microwave ranges. α-, β-, and γ-dispersions and their relaxation parameters were obtained, described, and related to the chemical parameters. Finally, a tool, based on the relaxation dielectric constant in γ-dispersion able to determine the moisture content of the mandarin fruit tissues, has been developed.